About Us

Capitevo AB (Publ.) is Stockholm based data centre and IT infrastructure holding company that operates in the greater European market. The company maintains an aggressive growth strategy that sees us acquire, consolidate, and develop data centre infrastructure in Scandinavia, Western Europe, and the UK. 

Our company has two separately managed subsidiaries that focus on High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Data Centre Services respectively. These teams are each tasked with the growth of their own Service Offerings and Infrastructure portfolios, and are supported by Capitevo at a strategic level. 

It is through these subsidiary businesses that Capitevo provides customers with services that range from Artificial Intelligence Compute (AI-Cloud) to Blockchain and Enterprise Co-Location Services. 

Capitevo has made successful investments in Blockchain Co-Location, Artificial Intelligence Compute Services, Enterprise Infrastructure, and has committed to the expansion of its data centre in northern Sweden as to provide more capacity for incoming customers throughout 2021 and 2022. 

We are actively pursuing an exciting and mature growth strategy where the company is currently engaged in a number of ongoing acquisitions that will secure the expansion of our data centre infrastructure, team, and service offerings in each category.  

Business Focus

Delivering on Operational Excellence

Organic Expansion of our Businesses

Diversification of Service Offerings

Regular Acquisitions & Investment into our Subsidiaries

100% Renewable Energy

Deriving Team & Shareholder Value

Group Services

We provide a number of diversified HPC and Enterprise services. Together, we have the right solution for your business!

HPC & AI Compute

Capitevo has successfully acquired a platform through which HPC & AI compute capacity can quickly and easily be delivered to global customers via the cloud, in an instant and scaleable manner that is designed to reduce the cost-of-curiosity.

Blockchain Services

Our group currently has 25MW of built out capacity to support blockchain mining activities, with another 450MW that will be strategically rolled out over the next 3 years. Our HPC business is able to provide blockchain and hosting solutions to customers in a manner that is compliant in all legal and taxation aspects.

Once fully deployed, Capitevo will own and operate the largest HPC data centre campus in the EU.

Enterprise Services

Capitevo is currently engaged in the acquisition and consolidation of three enterprise data centre operations throughout Scandinavia and the UK.

Pending some closing actions, Capitevo's enterprise business will be well positioned to provide new and existing customers in Scandinavia, EU, and UK with world-class co-location, cloud, and connectivity solutions.


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Feel free to mail us at team@capitevo.io